For The Business

Want to get your business name out there? Save your samples for your parties. Give goodie bags with candy wrapped with your business printed on them.

Personalized Candy Wrappers w/ Chocolate

Prices      6~$3     12~$5      13+$.25 each   25+ $.15 each
Wrappers Only
6 for $1.50   12for 2.50 minis
6 for $2.50  12 for 3.50 big bars

Halloween Goodie Bags with Customized Candy
Each goodie bag will contain 4 pieces of candy wrapped, 5 hershey kisses 5 lollipops in a cute seasonal goodie bag with your Advertisement and business card.

6~$10      12~$18       18+$1.75 each

 Advertise Your business.
Item# 020

 Offer A Special on the Back
No Extra Charge

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